801 Cross Anchor Road, Woodruff, SC 29388 / (864) 476-8171

Employment/Ministry Opportunity

Rebekah Wireman is our Summer Youth Associate. At the end of the summer she will return to school and then go to the mission field. We are looking for someone who could start around the time school begins this fall.

Contact us (864) 476-8171 / office@fbcwsc.org for more information.

Youth Ministry

(A part time position)

To give leadership to all youth activities.

  • Help our church plan and implement a vibrant ministry of discipleship for the youth of our church.
  • Prepare interactive (questions, games, videos, illustrations, story-telling) Sunday School lessons and Youth Bible Studies and enlist volunteers to teach with you.
  • Plan and create year round opportunities for youth for worship, Bible study, missions, fellowship, outreach, community service, and Christian growth.
  • Strengthen the involvement of youth in the ongoing and special ministries and worship opportunities of our church.
  • Help our church develop strong relationships to the parents/guardians and families of our youth.
  • Publicize and promote the opportunities our church offers for youth.  Utilize social media as well as announcements in our newsletter and bulletin.
  • Recruit, cultivate and mentor those who volunteer with our youth.
  • Work  to  protect  and  safe-guard  our  youth,  volunteers,  and  the  church  by implementing and following best practices.
  • Help youth develop and put into use their gifts and abilities.
  • Coordinate the work of committees, teams, church organizations and projects that relate to youth ministry.
  • Coordinate and strengthen our church’s ministry to the students of Woodruff High School and Woodruff Middle School.
  • Plan and conduct retreats, mission trips, and other special activities.
  • Find ways to partner in youth ministry with other churches in our community.
  • Provide supervision to youth before and after scheduled activities.
  • Help the church office keep updated records, contact information, emergency forms and permission forms for our youth.
  • Respond when youth or youth families are in crisis.

Other Responsibilities

  • Be an active team member of the church staff.
  • Lead in worship and help involve our youth in leading in worship.
  • Give support to the other ministries of the church.
  • Maintain the church’s recreational equipment.
  • Other duties as assigned by the pastor.